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    Pemuteran beach is the gate to discover the beauty of underwater panorama. Pemuteran beach has beautiful beach and close to Menjangan island

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    Pemuteran is the place to have a relaxing vacation under the sun. The best lace to enjoy a privacy vacation is staying on private villas

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    Pemuteran beach can be your diving base, from here you can explore Menjangan island and other diving destination

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Sluggish Tourism, Some Hotels in Buleleng are Temporarily Closed

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The tourism sector was hardest hit by the Corona Virus outbreak.

Sluggish Tourism, Some Hotels in Buleleng are Temporarily Closed
pemuteran beach

Menjangan Island - Diving Destination with Beach Resort

Menjangan island is one of Bali's best diving destination. This island has stunning coral reefs perfectly surround by natural environtment. The Menjangan Island located about 14km away from Pemuteran beach so it can be a good place to spent a day or two at Menjangan resort when you have your vacation destination at Pemuteran.

The island of Menjangan is part of the the West Bali National Park Conservation Area. The name Menjangan was given by the local people who observed the wild deer herds swimming to the island every spring.

Menjangan island is the first diving destination in Bali which started around 1978. After that Menjangan island become the premier international dive location in Bali which spring other diving destination you've seen today.

The island as mention above surrounded by a coral reef with complex rock formations until the depth of 60m. This distinctive features have given rise to a great number of large and small caves, festooned with sponge and soft corals and often inhabited by large groupers, moray eels and by young snappers and batfish in the smaller caves.

Around the depth of 45 meters you can found the Anchor wreck which is an old wooden ship wreck sitting on the sea floor on the western tip of Menjangan. Many mention that this was an 19th century Dutch ship that sunk during WWII or one that sunk much earlier during the Dutch colonial era while supposedly carrying Balinese slaves to Batavia (now Jakarta). The wreck contains a cargo of ceramics and glass bottles and is completely colonized by soft coral; an excellent place to meet turtles and sharks.

Other interesting dive spot here is the garden eels. The garden eels located at western point of Menjangan around the shallow area of white sandy beach. This is the best spot for snorkeling in Bali. When you dive in Menjangan, the dive will started on a nice wall with a lot of beautiful gorgonians and other sea fans then continue over the top of the reef to a stretch of white sand. Arguably, some say that this is the best part of Menjangan Island.

Menjangan Resort

Around Menjangan there are several resort and hotel available for experiencing the best of living on a natural preserved surrounding. Some resort like The Menjangan, Mimpi Resort Menjangan, are some of the best accommodation available around Menjangan island area.

For example The Menjangan resort located on 382 hectares compound of lodgings, villas, and other facilities located within the vicinity of the West Bali National Park can be the best place to start a diving trip to Menjangan Island. You can be assured that staying here will be once in a lifetime experiences. So come here and visit Menjangan island in Bali - Indonesia.




villa wilali pemuteran

Villa Wilali

Villa Wilali is one of the private villas located in Pemuteran beach. This beachfront villa has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and open living kicthen which make it an ideal villa for a group of guests up to 11 guests.

Villa Wilali Pemuteran
villa beten bukit pemuteran

Villa Beten Bukit

Villa Beten Bukit located in north of Bali in Pemuteran village just around 800m from the beach. The villa was built in 2007 with around 3500sqm of tropical garden and a living area around 270sqm.

Villa Beten Bukit
villa jeda pemuteran

Villa Jeda

The Jeda villa located around the village of pemuteran just around 3 hours drive through scenic views of north Bali. The villa has three private pool villas nestled on two hectares of land '

Villa Jeda

Pemuteran beach is truly exceptional

Book our trip to bali and stay in one of the private villa in pemuteran. This is our best vacation yet, full of privacy and at the same time we can get close to the villagers around the villa - recommended stay in Pemuteran north of Bali”

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